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AUGUST 10th - 15th, 2014 at the Camino Real Hotel Mexico City

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Dear colleagues and friends

On behalf of the Mexican Society of Parasitology and the Latin American Federation of Parasitology, I welcome you to our great Mexico City and to the exciting XIII International Congress of Parasitology in 2014.

Parasitology is one of the main research areas in the most prestigious research institutes and universities in several cities within the Mexican Republic. Also, Mexican scientists have generated outstanding contributions to the knowledge of parasites and the diseases they cause.

Our slogan “ancient parasites, old hosts, new knowledge” points to long lasting parasites, longevity of hosts and the new data shared during ICOPA The program includes symposia with invited speakers who were recommended by outstanding scientists around the world, by Presidents of National Societies of Parasitology, the International Scientific Advisory Board and the local scientific committee; all of them with the highest records in productivity.

The scientific program also includes plenary conferences with worldwide recognized scientist, free oral papers and electronic posters to be presented in an ex-professo designed display with specific schedules along the entire green meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico City at ICOPA XIII in August 2014.

Ana Flisser