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AUGUST 10th - 15th, 2014 at the Camino Real Hotel Mexico City

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  • Up to Date on Chagas Disease

    Sunday, August 10th

    Hotel Camino Real Polanco,

    Mexico City

    Werner Apt Chile

    Felipe Guhl Colombia

    Alejandro Luquetti Brazil

    Constanza Brito Brazil

    Otacilio Da Cruz Moreira Brazil

    Patricio Diosque Argentina

    Rubén Storino Argentina

    Paz Ma. Salazar-Schettino Mexico

    Christián García Chile

    Marisa Torres Chile

    Inés Zulantay Chile

    Poster Program

  • Extra-cellular Vesicles and Parasites

    Sunday, August 10th

    Hotel Camino Real Polanco,

    Mexico City

    Antonio Marcilla

    Igor C. De Almeida

    Hernando A del Portillo

    Antonio Osuna

    Poster Program

  • Molecular Parasitology Workshop

    August 7th to 10th


    Mexico City

    Michael Grigg

    Manu Vanaerschot

    Rune Stensvold

    Bianca Zingales

    Hideo Imamura

    Staffan Svärd

    Antonio Marcilla

    Maria Dolores Correa

    Martha Ponce Macotela

    Juan David Ramirez

    Rebeca Manning Cela

    Fidel de la Cruz Hernandez

    Poster Program

  • How to Write a Scientific Paper

    Sunday, August 10th

    Hotel Camino Real Polanco,

    Mexico City

    Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

    Ana Flisser

    Poster Program

  • Satellite Event

    Chagas Clinical Research Platform Annual Meeting – 2014

    Organized by: DNDi Latin America

    Hotel Camino Real Polanco

    Room: Chapultepec 2

    Saturday, August 9th

    8:00 - 18:00hrs

    Update on research and development of new treatments for Chagas disease. Annual meeting of Chagas disease experts, researchers, government representatives, non-governmental organizations, patient associations and other stakeholders.

  • Pre-congress Satellite Meeting:

    Second International Meeting of Taenia asiatica Research Group (TaRG)-ICOPA 2014

    Keeseon S. EOM and Maria Teresa Galan-Puchades, Coordinators.

    August 10, 2014, 09:30-13:30

    Hotel Camino Real Polanco, Mexico City

    Directed to TaRG members and any parasitologists

    Information and register: taenia@chungbuk.ac.kr (www.targint.net)

    -Taenia asiatica: still unresolved questions 21 years and three ICOPAs after

    -Review on epidemiology and genetic variation of Taenia asiatica

    -Advances in molecular approaches to diagnosis of Taenia asiatica in humans and animals

    -Newly found geographical distribution of Taenia asiatica

    -Genotypic relationships between T. saginata, T. asiatica and their hybrids

    -Taeniasis and cysticercosis: past and present situations in endemic countries