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Turist Migration Control

When you arrive to Mexico you will need to provide valid passport and a “Migration Format” known in Spanish as a “FMM” form. This form is provided for free by your travel agent, airline or at the airport point of entry.

A visitor that does not require a visa, do not need to fill this FMM Form. This last point applies to USA and Canada visitors.

The immigration officer at passport control may also ask you to provide economic solvency documents, passport that proof being a frequent international traveler and return ticket to your country. Officer will validate your documents and will stamp the FMM Form, giving you back a copy of this form which you must keep and provide when you leave Mexico.

If you lose this form, you will have to go to an immigration desk at the airport and may have to pay for it. So we strongly recommend attaching it to your passport so it cannot be misplaced.

Invitation Letter

The Organizing Committee of the ICOPA XIII is pleased to provide an official invitation letter to participate in the ICOPA 2014 Congress. Visa issuance is at the sole discretion of the consular officer, we strongly recommend checking in advance the visa process at the local Mexico´s embassy/consulate before you complete your payment registration.

1. The ICOPA 2014 Organizing Committee is not responsible of the visa application results.

2. The organizing committee has no influence on the process of each embassy or consulate during immigration procedures

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    The average annual temperature varies from 12 to 54 to 61 °F, depending on the altitude of the borough.

    The lowest temperatures, usually registered during January and February, may reach 28 to 23 °F, and are usually accompanied by snow showers on the southern regions of Ajusco.


    You will usually find a currency exchange counter at international airports throughout Mexico; these can be identified by the “Exchange” sign. You will have to show your passport in order to be able to exchange money. The exchange rate is usual shown as “buy” or “purchase”, which shows how many pesos you will receive for each dollar.


    Mexico’s time zone is six hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

    Daylight Saving Time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October


    The airport has authorized taxis and the hotel facilities include a 24-hour taxi service.
    We recommend taking safe taxis from the hotel.

  • TIPS

    The average tip for service is 10-15% and one or two dollars per suitcase carried.

    Always check your bill first as tip may already be included.


    The standard electricity supply is 110 volts. Hotels usually offer voltage converters for 220 volts devices.

    We recommended that you bring your own adaptor.


    Not all banks provide the service of exchanging pesos and dollars, and some require you to have an account with them. Ask someone at your hotel to tell you about the location of the nearest bank where tourists can exchange their currency. You will also need a valid U.S. passport to make the exchange.

  • ATM

    One of the most convenient ways to buy pesos is by using an ATM. You will often receive better exchange rates, even though you have to pay a service fee, as with most ATMs outside your bank network. Please do not accept any help from people who are not bank employees.


    If you have a credit card, you will find that it provides one of the best exchange rates. Although you will not receive pesos directly, your monthly balance usually shows the exchange rate you received on purchases made with the credit card.


Tourist Assistance Services

By dialing 078 you can obtain free information on tourist attractions, airports, travel agencies, car rental agencies, embassies and consulates, fairs and exhibitions, hotels, hospitals, financial services, immigration services and other issues. You can also request information at the following email: correspondencia@sectur.gob.mx

Requirements for entering the country

To enter Mexico, all tourists need to have a permit called Customs Form for Tourists, which is valid for 180 days. This document is available at airline offices, travel agencies or Mexican ports of entry. Each passenger must be provided with one. As of 1999, a Non-immigrant Tax (DNI) is charged in Mexico, which is intended to promote tourism and improving immigration services. This tax must be paid upon leaving the country. Its cost is 294 pesos. For more information, visit the National Immigration Institute’s webpage at http://www.inm.gob.mx
Legal, permanent residents in the United States or Canada do not need a visa to enter Mexico.

Other requirements

In addition to their personal items, all passengers entering Mexico may carry a maximum of $300 dollars in merchandise; otherwise, they will have to pay a fee. All baggage is subject to review by the Mexican customs authorities. Clarifications, questions and emergencies.
Here are the telephone numbers of some agencies that may be helpful during your trip..

Tourism Ministry

From within Mexico City and the metropolitan area: 5250 0151
Toll free from within the Mexican Republic: 01 800 903 9200
Toll free from the United States of America: 1 (800) 482 98 32

Embassy of the United States in Mexico

Reforma 305, col. Cuauhtémoc, del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06500
From within the Mexican Republic: 01 55 50 80 20 00, ext. 0
From the United States: 01 15 255 50 80 20 00, ext. 0

If you are a U.S. citizen and you find yourself in an emergency situation, you may call the following number:
(From the U.S.) 011 52 55 50 80 20 00, ext. 0
(From Mexico) 01 55 50 80 20 00, ext. 0.

You can check the online directory of consulates and embassies at:



    * Sale of basic office stationery needs, hardware and snacks.

    * Photocopier, fax and binding.

    * Computer stations with administrative and design programs, plus black and white printer.

    * Ask for special packages for exhibitors.


    Located in the main lobby.


    Authorized taxes 24 hours a day located to one side of the entrance of the main lobby


    Lockers Located on the ground floor of the premises. Cost: $10.00 each time it is opened.

  • ATMs

    Five ATMs. One is located in the main lobby, three are located outside the exhibition halls and another is located inside Hall D.


    Wireless internet in public areas. Access codes available in the client services office


    Located at diferent access points and in corridors of the premises where there are also Amigo and Ladatel card machines.


    We have two service centers, one of which is located in the main lobby beside the information module and the other inside Exhibition Hall B